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Neighbourhood Volunteers at work together in communal bridle trails

Its great to see when neighbours all pitching in to tidy up their communal bridle trails, at the back of each other’s DDEE properties. The trails in Darling Downs are becoming more maintained and tidier by neighbours all pitching in together and doing their bit. We all benefit not only from it being more picturesque, but much safer coming into the Summer Fire Risk months.

With organised Volunteer Busy Bees in the past and the extra volunteer hours from neighbours along the bridal trail from the Biriga Brook to Rowely Road it's looking a real picture to the eye!! And there are more picnic chairs now alongside the creek for walkers to stop, have a rest, and enjoy the surroundings.

While it’s still cool, there is still time to have a look out the back of our properties and have a tidy up. As a community we all benefit.

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