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Greenacres Sponsor Kikuyu Grass

Now that the DDRA Grass Trial soil has been prepped. Greenacres Turf Group has come along and donated all the Kikuyu runners for the one hectare grass trial.

Yesterday morning the Greenacres staff came to the Darling Downs Estate with their truck, two tractors, a spreader, a rotary hoe and press wheel, and a heavy roller to spread, plant and roll the runners into the ground. It was nearly a full days work for 4 staff all donated by Greenacres Turf Group.

The Turf Group, has WA’s largest turf farm in Serpentine that grows different turf grasses for both domestic and commercial uses.

Thank you Greenacres Turf Group, for donating all your machinery and equipment, your product and your staff for FREE, to kick the trial off.

It’s very much appreciated and a huge donation to the DDRA and all the users of the Equestrian estate!!

We hope that you will show them the same support that they have given to our community.

Thank you, to all our DDRA Sponsors

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