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Graduation Day!!

The DDRA Committee would like to thank, trainer, Sara Canning from Down to Earth Training and Assessing in Rockingham for taking the time this morning to assess all our DDRA chainsaw volunteers through a Chainsaw Assessment Training course.

For insurance reasons all our DDRA volunteers need to attain a Certificate in Operate and Maintain Chainsaws – Civil Construction Course (AHCMOM213).

The course consists of an Online Theory Assessment and then a Practical Assessment informing participants on Duty of Care, Hazard Identification, Risk Management, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safe Operation and Maintenance of a Chainsaw.

The Practical Assessment session this morning was definitely informative from Sara, as well as entertaining, as the boys all showed off their chainsaw skills.

And not surprisingly we all graduated and attained our Certificates!! Hats off to all of you guys.

It’s great that we have such a dedicated, fun loving mob of volunteers that help out in our local community. On the DDRA website we also have quite a bit of information on Chainsaw Safety for anyone that is interested in learning for their own safety. Thank you once again, Down to Earth Training Assessing. We will be back again with more volunteers that would like to get their Certificate. Down to Earth also do training courses for First Aid CPR, Forklift, Crane and Plant Operators, Welding and more.

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