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Get Involved  - Tractor Mulching

During the year the DDRA  keep the grasses in the open spaces short, so that the grounds can be safely ridden over by the horses using the cross country jumps and for generally riding through. By mulching the flowering grasses in late spring, and problem weeds such as Paterson's curse have less chance of seeding. Each year we are seeing the grounds becoming less prevalent in weeds and a better mix of grasses.

In summer having the grasses short also help with reducing fire risks as well.


There is an Induction Training session ( approx. 1 hour) required to be done, prior to any volunteer being allowed to use the DDRA tractor and its implements. The only requirement is that you are over 18 and have a current drivers licence.

Anyone  is welcome to join in and become a part of this enthusiastic group of friends.

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