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Volunteer Projects - 2023

Reflection of the year 2023

Projects Finalised 

1: The DDRA coordinated a Revegetation Busy Bee in July 2023.  2,100 seedlings were planted in July 2023 to replace many old shrubs and trees died by being affected by termites. Over 60 volunteers planted all the seedlings in 3 hours!!

Metconnex donated the large variety of tree and shrub seedlings and the tree guards.

The Shire has been coordinating the watering of the new seedlings over the first summer, to help ensure that we get a high survival rate percentage of the new plants.

2: The DDRA volunteers organised for bee keepers to relocate two bee hives from fallen trees in the "70 acres".

3: Kikuyu grass in the Grass Trial continues to

spread and improve the area. SJ Shire watered the grass over its first Summer that helped it survive.

4: About 14 kilometers of the bridle trails in the

DDEP were upgraded and this included spreading,

levelling and compacting about 480 tonnes of

trotting fines to markedly improve the quality and

safety of the trails.

5: Cross over drains upgraded with rock pitching

work done by the SJ Shire Works team.

Thank you, SJ Shire.

6: Two roll top cross country jumps were purchased and will be installed in early 2024. Three cavetti’s jumps were purchased for use in the Rain Lover arena.

                                  Photos of completed projects - 2023

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​7: Six limestone mounting blocks installed at car park entrances and both arenas.

8: Bow latches were installed on entrances to both car parks and Wungong south entrances making it easier for riders to open and close gates while mounted.

9: Slow track leveled by volunteers at least 4 mornings a week every week to keep the track level, soft and safe for horses and riders. The track was also graded and re leveled once this year.

            More photos of completed projects - 2023

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10: DDRA volunteers constructed 3 steel picnic tables on limestone pads in a dedicated rest areas in between the two Evening Peal car parks under some beautiful old Eucalyptus trees. We would like to thank Lotterywest for their grant to implement this project.  The area was also delineated by power poles donated from Western Power.

11: Notice Board in the Evening Peal car park refurbished by the local Men's Shed volunteers.

12: Construction of a fence along Thomas Road, to stop horses shying off the bridle trail and onto Thomas Road. Two incidents within months of the construction completed, helped save horse and rider from escaping onto Thomas Road, that could have caused a tragic incident.

13: Safety rails were fitted on the crossover of the Birriga drain on the Masters West trail to improve safety at this crossing.

14: The  DDRA workshop shed floor was concreted this year. This has given the DDRA volunteers a cleaner, less dusty workspace. Metal shelving was donated to the DDRA and has been repainted. Conveyor belting has been laid under the shelving for floor protection. The area will be less cluttered and will now have more workspace. 

15: Shed roof gaps have been poly filled to stop dust and leaves constantly being blown in from the winds.

​16: New Access Guidance safety signs were erected at all access points by SJ Shire Works team. Thank you, SJ Shire. Slow down signs on exit gates in car parks installed.

17: The last chicanes and gates were fitted to the exits on Empire Rose East and Tiara trails. These were the final chicanes to be erected in the Equestrian Park trails, to help reduce the risks of loose horses getting out onto exit roads.

18: Six Busy Bee were organised with volunteers cleaning up trails on Thomas Road, Comic Loop and Birriga Loop East.

19: Many tonnes of dead vegetation were cleared over the course of the year, and this was burnt during winter to reduce the fire risk.  The Shire is now going to mulch most of the fallen/dead branches/trees, so that this this material can be used for mulching key areas of the 70 Acres.

20: The SJ Shire donated a Shire Works Department, John Deere 72 inch mower to the DDRA volunteers.

Thank you, SJ Shire. It has made the mowing so much faster!!

21: All bridle trails and the 70 acres open space mowed by DDRA volunteers during the year, by tractor or JD mower, reducing the fire risk in Summer and beautifying the whole Equestrian Estate.

22: All our DDRA volunteers record their volunteer hours and that data is collected weekly.

Over 2000 hours have been freely donated by DDRA Volunteers to the improvement of the

Darling Downs Equestrian Estate in the past 2023 year.

Volunteer Projects - 2022

 Projects Finalised in 2022

1: Constructed 10 steel day yards alongside of Evening Peal Car park

To keep horses safe rather than tying up against a float. Officially opened by Cr Michelle Rich (the SJ Shire President) on the 8 July 2022.

2: Erected safety gates and fence on trail butting Wungong South Road.

Two gates were erected either side of the Birriga Brook. Aim, to stop loose horses crossing onto Wungong South Road which will become busier in the next few years. Horse riders able to open and shut gates.

3: Erected safety gates and fence at the end of Kentucky Drive Trail.

Aim to stop loose horses crossing onto Thomas Road. Horse riders able to open and shut gates.

4: Install a manure pit alongside day yards to reduce manure being left in the car park grounds and under trees.

​5) Acquired a SJ Shire heavy duty Toro mower, so volunteers can continue to maintain the grounds of the DDEE.

Volunteer Projects - 2020 2021

 Projects Finalised in 2021


1: Installed Power Poles around the Rain Lover Court car park.  


Thank you Western Power and Koppers logs for donating the poles and transporting them to site.

 Projects Finalised in 2020

1: Upgrade and extend the Evening Peal car park with more gravel. Thank your Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire.


2: Installation post and rail fencing and safety gates at the entrances of Evening Peal and Rain Lover Court to stop any loose horses creating an accident on the roads through Darling Downs.

3: Installing better signage at the front gates, along the track and at the practice arenas.

4: Install Power Poles around the Evening Peal Car Park.

Thank you Western Power and Koppers logs for donating the poles and transporting them to site.

5: Massive cleanup of branches and dead trees across the open space and bridle paths. Wiper snipping the long grass around the cross country jumps.


Thank you to all our Busy Bee volunteers who came down for a few hours each day with trailers, whipper snipers, mini tractors and chainsaws.

6: Tractor slashing all the long grass in the open space and bridal trails by volunteer tractor drivers.

Thank you Tractor volunteers.

7: Ongoing chainsaw maintenance, when trees fall onto the  track or on peoples boundary fences.

Thank you to the Rapid Response volunteer team.

8: Volunteer sausage sizzle afterwards.

Thankyou Gosnells Rotary Club for the BBQ and sausages!!

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