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Chainsaw Safety Information 

Many DDRA residents own chainsaws for use on their properties.

Some volunteers often use chain saws while working on a DDRA Busy Bee. 

The following information on this page, the links, and the associated videos aim to provide guidance,

so you can manage your own safety while operating a chainsaw. 


Please ensure that you understand these recommendations and take all appropriate steps

to keep yourself safe while operating a chainsaw at the DDRA Busy Bees.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Before you begin to use your new chainsaw.

Make sure you take the time to read the safety instruction manual that comes with your new purchase, prior to attempting to operate it. There are many online safety videos on how to operate your chainsaw safely.

There are also chainsaw training courses that you can enrol in. They can provide participants with the required skills and knowledge to enable you to use chainsaws in a safe and proficient manner in the workplace.

Chainsaws | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (  *

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Chainsaws are dangerous and tree felling accidents are quite common. Fortunately, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), proper technique, and attention to detail can reduce the occurrence of accidents and the injuries they cause.

* Disclaimer: The information, videos and courses that are shown on this page are not endorsed by the DDRA. They are only for initial information purposes only, and you should do your own research to become a proficient operator of your chainsaw.

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