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Volunteer Projects - 2024

  To Do Projects 2024

1: Moving and refurbishing existing rest area tables/seats from around the main arena.

2:Construct limestone pads under each of the old picnic tables.

3: Finalise installing Power Poles around the Rain Lover Court car park.

4: A second seedling planting in June 2024 to add more colour to the park with more wildflowers planted along side last years tree and shrub plantings.

​5: Spread wood chips around the seedlings for soil protection.

6: Repairs to eastern boundary fence. Wires and posts broken.

​7: Upgrade some of the cross-country jumps. Replace the logs.

​8: Ongoing maintenance activities in the open space and bridle paths. Clean up of branches and dead trees across the open space and bridle paths. Whipper snipping the long grass around the cross country jumps.

​9: Ongoing mulching of long grass during winter prior to summer​.

10: Tractor grading of the bridle tracks and warm up track when needed. Upgrade 70 acres trails with more trotting fines.

​11: Ongoing bridle trail maintenance, when tree branches fall onto the tracks.

12: Install the last few bow latches on gates so riders can open these gates while in the saddle as well as easily closing them afterwards.

13: Planting Kikuyu grass in the area to the east of the southern arena in the 70 Acres, to make this area more suitable for riding.

14: Implementing trail signage to make it easier for users to navigate the DDEP.

15: Repairing other broken gates and fences within the DDEP.

16: Conveyor belting to be installed on the east and west sides of the Rain Lover arena fences, to reduce the arena surface from being blown away by the easterlies.

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