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DDRA Grass Trial


 SPONSOR:  Farm and Turf Equipment WA.

                                       Approx: $3,000

1: Donated a commercial spec, zero emission Mean Green Mower to mow the old grass and weeds prior to preparation for the Grass Trial.

2:  Donated a herbicide sprayer to knock out the weeds including African Lovegrass.

3: Donated a rotary hoe to break up the clay ground, to create a well prepared loose soil bed, prior to planting the kikuyu runners.

 SPONSOR:   Mineral Magic

                                                      Approx: $3,000

1: Donated one Tonne of Mineral Magic to the one hectare Grass Trial.


2: Donated a fertiliser spreader and time to spread the Mineral Magic. 


Mineral Magic is a rare mineral found in the north west of WA. It is a unique biogenic Amorphous Silica (BAS) that has dramatic water and nutrient retention capabilities.

The DDRA is trialing the Mineral Magic, with one area not having Mineral Magic on it. The trial is to follow the grass development once the ground dries out coming into Summer. 

 SPONSOR:  Greenacres Turf Group

                                       Approx: $20,000


1:  Donated over 20 Tonnes of kikuyu runners from their turf farm.

2: Donated 4 staff for a day to spread out and press the runners into the ground.

3: Donated 2 tractors, a grass spreader and heavy roller for the day.

4: Donated organic poultry manure fertilser as a starter for the runners to establish themselves

 SPONSOR:  Seed & Feed - Perth

                                       Approx: $1,500


1:  Donated their Eco Pasture Spring fertiliser product to the Grass Trial to give the runners the minerals needed for leaf and root development.

2: Donated their time to spread out the fertiliser over the one hectare trial area.

3: Will donate more fertiliser in a few months, to help kick it along before Summer.


6th October 2022

6th November 2022

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