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 Darling Downs Residents Association (DDRA) Committee  |   0417 924 325

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Shire Rangers

Rangers provide various services to our community including:

  • Dealing with unauthorized vehicles being ridden or driven on the Darling Downs Estate grounds

  • Animal control - loose horses and dogs

  • Dealing with litter and illegal dumping of rubbish

  • Keeping an eye on illegal camping

  • People acting contrary to community expectations.

If you have an urgent matter, you'd like to bring to the attention of the Shire Rangers contact a Ranger through the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire on 9526111 or direct on 9526 1136 (if diverted to a message bank, please leave a clear message with contact details).

Outside working hours contact the Police on 131444

  • Remember if it is an emergency call 000 before calling the Rangers.

Agencies or services that you may require:

RSPCA: Animal welfare / cruelty calls                   1300 278 3589

Wildlife: Calls relating to injured wildlife

Wildcare:                                                                   9474 9055 

Darling Range Shelter WA :                                    9394 0885

Beehive Relocator    (Romesh)                                0412 099 002

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