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Mineral Magic added to GrassTrial

The next process yesterday was to add Mineral Magic to the Trial plot as well as the one hectare open grassed area that we want improved.

One tonne of Mineral Magic was donated by Nick Clayton from Mineral Magic for the trial and was spread by Nick yesterday over the whole trial ground.

Mineral Magic is a rare mineral found in the north west of WA. It is a unique biogenic Amorphous Silica (BAS) that has dramatic water and nutrient retention capabilities. It can be used in gardens, lawns, commercial farms and in hydroponics and aquaponics, to help in plant growth.

Thank you Nick for your donation of the one tonne of MM product you supplied. We really do appreciate your on going horticultural advice and encouragement of the DDRA Grass Trial.

The two trial plots will have exactly the same soil preparation except one plot will have the additional Mineral Magic product added to it.

The aim of the trail is to see if the grass development is improved by the addition of the Mineral Magic in grass growth, drought stress, and root development.

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