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Hundreds of volunteer hours up in smoke!! May 28

Last night some of the DDRA volunteers lit up the massive bonfire that was the culmination of hundreds of volunteer hours cleaning up the trails and the 70 acres of dead trees and branches.

All the Busy Bee work over the years has helped to reduce the fire risk prior to the next Summer but also improved the beauty of our special estate.

The bonny was lit up around 4.30 pm yesterday on a still, clear afternoon. By the evening it was quite special, sitting around the fire with other volunteer friends and family, chatting and watching a bit of “bush television” and watching all the stars looking down on us.

Marshmallows was the go at the end of the night as the fire settled down.

The bonfire is at the Rain lover end of the estate. It will be burning for several days, so please keep your horses well away from the area.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped in creating the bonfire! There will be a few smaller fires to be lit in the estate over the coming weeks.

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