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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

There will be a large green John Deere tractor picking up fallen dead trees and removing them from the 70 acres and crossing the warm up track on the southern end to begin making a new pile for later burning.

The tractor will be working in the area on this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons after 3pm to 6pm

There will be an orange tractor working in the 70 acres mulching the grass and along the bridal paths for the next few weeks. Best time to mulch the long grass while the patersons curse weeds and cape tulip weeds are in flower but also for reducing the fire risk.

Please if you horse riding stay well clear of both tractors. Thankyou to the volunteers that have offered to drive the tractors to tidy up the area prior to the two busy bees this Saturday and Sunday.

The busy bees will be mostly tidying up fallen branches that can be easily picked up and put in a trailer for dumping and wiper snipping the grass around the cross country jumps. All volunteers are welcome this weekend on both mornings before a sausage sizzle

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