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Busy Bee this weekend

The Busy Bee this weekend will hopefully be the final push to tidy up the 70 acre area open space and the two bridle trails running up towards Rowley Road.

We can then look at other people’s bridle trails that might need a clean-up in the future.

The DDRA Committee thought we would upload the two maps of the areas we will be working on this weekend. That way everybody has an idea where we will be concentrating our efforts.

Because of the great effort that was given by the 60 or so volunteers at our last Busy Bee, there is not a lot to do in the actual equine park ($70 acres) this time. The Shire has kindly done some of the mowing of the long grass lately. However people with wiper snippers would be greatly appreciated to tidy up the edges again around the cross country jumps.

There are only a few piles of wood to pick up in the equine area. See map 1.

Red marks are where there is timber to cut and or just pick up. So anyone with a chains saw would also be greatly appreciated to finally tidy up the last few tree branches in this area.

The main area we would like to concentrate on are the trails running up to the Berrigan Brook and north to Rowley Road. The long grass has been slashed by DDRA volunteers already, and it would be great to do a final sweep to finish off these trails. See map 2.

Every year the timber is getting less and less along these trails. Once the timber has been picked up it is easier and not so hard on our DDRA tractor and mulcher to keep the long grass down in the trail areas.

So we do need people with trailers to pick up the branches along the trails. If you haven’t got a trailer, you are still most welcome to come along and you might meet someone new and help them top up their trailer.

Gloves, boots, hat and sunscreen are all a good idea for everyone to bring. Its only for two hours both days. If you can’t make it one day try and come the next. Everyone is welcome.

Saturday 8am to 10am with a BBQ afterwards.

Sunday 4pm to 6pm with a Christmas get together afterwards.( See attached flyer)

Kind regards and Merry Christmas to you all,

from the Darling Downs Residents Association Committee

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