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Cross Country Training

Not much beats the thrill of cross-country riding and the Darling Downs Estate has a great course for you to practice on. It’s great fun for you and your pony and makes a change from your normal riding in the arena. If you’ve got an event coming up or just want to have a bit of fun training outside, then there’s plenty of room to train cross country.

In the open space there are many different types of jumps for you to practice on, from single logs on the ground, to box jumps, tyre jumps, oxers, and angled fences. There’s something for everyone to train on.

The cross country course and fenced arenas are all linked with trails, so you can easily get between both or go for a trail ride after a training session.

“When you are on a great horse, you have

the best seat you will ever have.”

Winston Churchill

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