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DDRA's Aims are to:



  • Promote the interests of residents and ratepayers of the Darling Downs community.

  • Operate as a not-for-profit organisation.

  • Make representation to all levels within the SJ Shire on issues affecting the Darling Downs Community and its land.

  • Bring about improvements in the Darling Downs Equestrian Estate (DDEE) through collaboration with the SJ Shire and volunteers for the enjoyment of the whole community.


DRRA Committee addresses these aims by:

  • Collaborating with volunteers through busy bees to help maintain the DDEE grounds, facilities and bridle trails.

  • Administering a DDRA Facebook page, providing a public forum for the Darling Downs community members and other interested parties to identify and discuss local issues.

  • Administering a DDRA website to provide information about the DDRA and the Equestrian Estate facilities that are available to all. The site also informs about upcoming community events such as busy bees, and community events. 

  • Providing an Equine Business Directory to connect horse owners with local equine businesses. 

  • Providing a Local Business Directory for residents of Darling Downs and outer suburbs to connect with their local goods and service providers. 

  • Identifying, collecting, preserving, and sharing Darling Downs equestrian roots and heritage through historical DDRA Photo Albums

  • Collaborating with the Shire and other groups to organise and run community events in the DDEE.

  • Meet with SJ Shire representatives to collaborate on the maintenance of the DDEE and to develop improvements on a regular basis.

  • Considering and commenting on planning issues particular to the Darling Downs district.

The Association has more than 200 registered members and relies on volunteers to maintain the equestrian estate. 


To find out more about the volunteer activities.      Click here.

"Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action.

These actions shape and mold the present into a future

of which we can all be proud."

Helen Dyer

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