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Mineral Magic


Office Number: 0437012955


Mobile Number: 0437012955


Mundijong WA 6123, Australia


Mineral Magic is an innovative Australian horticultural solutions company providing a wide range of sustainable products with beneficial outcomes for both our clients and the environment.

A rare mineral discovery in Western Australia's north west is a game changer for hydroponics and aquaponics, horticulture, aquaculture and home gardeners. Mineral Magic is a unique biogenic amorphic silica with many environmental benefits.
Mineral Magic's product family is initially offered under the 3 key sub-categories of;
Lawn - Ranging from the smallest domestic lawn to the largest golf course
Garden - As a soil conditioner for simply a plant pot right up to a 500 hectare vegetable farm
Water - For the perfect growing medium for hydroponic and aquaponics

Whilst all of the products have their own unique benefits, the common thread across the complete range are the following amazing attributes;

Water retention / water saving
Nutrient retention meaning fertilizer saving and reduced leaching to harm the environment
Significant increase in plant growth/crop production due to enhanced photosynthesis and therefore reduces plant exposure to stresses from climatic conditions and attacks from pest and diseases.
Increase in photosynthesis means a greater carbon sequestration from the atmosphere and mitigate global warming
Filtration of impurities from heavy metals to hydrocarbons due to the highly negative charged ions of the mineral
Sustainability - Enhances and replenishes the health of whatever growing medium it is applied to.

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