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Rod's Equine Solutions - Arena Building


Office Number: 0437702523


Mobile Number: 0437702523


165 Masters Rd, Darling Downs WA 6122, Australia


Our long past experiences with horses and earth moving equipment makes Rod's Equine Solutions your one-stop shop for arena construction and property maintenance requirements.

We can build an arena that’s right for you, that fits in with your chosen discipline whether its Dressage, Show Jumping or Reining.

We offer a full service, so you only need to deal with one person for your whole arena project requirements.

Initial earthworks, laying and leveling the base pad including any sub soil drainage requirements for a good foundation.

Adding and leveling your preferred quality arena surface material for your personal needs.

All arenas need a border and some type of reticulation system.
We can help with both to keep your arena at it’s optimum for your horses safety and your riding pleasure.

We also do repairs and restoration work on arena’s to ensure your horse is always working on a safe sure footed surface at its original optimum thickness.

Click on our website link to view our photo gallery of works.

We pride ourselves in offering a personalised service to each and every client.

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