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Bush Photography

The DDRA volunteers have planted many species of trees over the years to create a parkland bush setting.

During the seasons, different species of trees and bushes take turns to flower in the open space and the trails. 


Next time you come for a walk or a horse ride, slow down a little and enjoy the environment you are in. Take a moment and embrace your senses in the surroundings you are within.

Whether you visit very early in the morning, or late in the evening the light changes in the parkland and the sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular if you take the time to stop and enjoy.

If you like photography and take a photo you are proud of, within the estate or trails. Send it to our secretary at


We can add it to our gallery of bush photography for others to enjoy as well.

“To be out in the wild with my camera, either at dawn or as the sun is setting, is so magnificent for me. I use photography to express how the bush makes me feel and to convey that connection that humans have to country and place.”

Sue O’Connor, President of Bush Heritage Australia.

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