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The Darling Downs Residence Association (DDRA) is excited to be able to help you connect your local equine business with our ever-expanding horse loving community. The goods and services that you provide are vital for managing their horses as well as the maintenance of their horse properties.

Take this opportunity to expand your customer base.

  A 12 month business listing subscription can be secured
via a donation to the DDRA. *

The DDRA is a volunteer based, not-for-profit organisation, which has been committed to maintaining and developing the Darling Downs Equestrian Estate for over 30 years.  It includes 21 hectares of public open space just north of Byford. This beautiful parkland designed estate is unique in Australia and includes over 26 kms of trail networks as well as arenas and open space for cross country jumping. 


The estate attracts thousands of horse riders each year, from as far as Perth’s north and eastern suburbs and south in the Peel region.

It has been estimated that there are over 8,300 horses within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s equine community being used for a variety of disciplines. * This strong equine sector has created many local businesses and employment opportunities for people living in and close by to Darling Downs. ​


Horse owners are contributing approximately $168 million annually, to an overall equine economy within the Shire, with the highest density of horse ownership in the Darling Downs, Oakford, and Cardup localities. * 

All donations are tax deductible, and your funds will be applied directly by the DDRA to improve the grounds of the estate for the benefit of the whole community.

By donating to the DDRA your business can also benefit directly by expanding its customer base.


Different categories will be regularly promoted to our ever growing

1,600 plus Facebook members.


Potential customers will also become aware that your business

is a generous supporter of the DDRA and its volunteers.

You can create your business listing and view it prior to donating.

Which category best fits your business description?


Click on your Category, Sign Up, Add your Equine business

* Serpentine Jarrahdale Equine Strategy Report 2018

Listing Price dependent on size of business

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