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Equine Chiropractor and Bowen Therapist



Mobile Number: 0409208887




Darling Downs WA 6122, Australia


I'm Dr. Steph Coote. I am a qualified Chiropractor and Bowen Therapist for People, Horses and Dogs.

I have done my post graduate studies through the International Academy of Animal Chiropractic in New Zealand and a 1.5+ year internship with Mr Ivan Haggerty to learn Ivan's way too.

I treat horses from all walks of life, from performance horses, the police horses, cutting horses to the pleasure riding horses. All have a spine and a nervous system that is critical for their everyday functioning, comfort and performance.

I am continually inspired by the profound effects Chiropractic has working with animals.

If you would like your horse or dog assessed please get in contact.

Send Equine Chiropractor and Bowen Therapist an email!

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